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Alkaline Water Ionizer For Home Use With factory Price HK-8016

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Alkaline Water Ionizer For Home Use With factory Price HK-8016

Description Of Alkaline Water Ionizer HK-8016

MODEL: HK-8016

Specification: AC 220V 1A 50Hz

Hydraulic pressure range: 0.10-0.40 MPA

Produict weight: 3.0Kg


Water output: 2–6 kiloliters/min

Filter Life: 12 tons

Ambinent Temperature: Degrees Celsius 5-7

PH Value: 4.0-9.7

Feature Of Alkaline Water Ionizer HK-8016

1.The Alkaline Water Ionizer,which is our latest products with 7-color LCD display ,ORP and PH showing the working state of our machine.

2.Using Japanese titanium paltinum electrolysis chamber and American fiber activated filter .

3.It has fixed output current .90-260v is suitable for it .

4.Self-cleasing after the utilazation of alkaline water when water volume reach 30-90L.

5.The repalcing botton will light up to remind replacement of filter when reaching 3000-12000L.You can also set by yourself according to your request.

6.It has 4 Levels alkaline water ,one level purifiered water and 2 levels acidic water

The Specification Of Alkaline Water Ionizer HK-8016 

Filter material
NSF fiber activated carbon filter from America
Electrodes material
Japanese titanium platinum electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane
Display content
( 7-color LCD display)
Alkaline water, purified water,acidic water, cleansing, filter longevity (figure), water-flowing volume, water process, PH, ORP, electrolysis indication and electrolysis stages
Electrolysis levels
Four levels of alkaline water,one purified water and two levels of acid water
PH value
3 Plates and 2 Pairs (PH 4.5-10)
5 Plates and 4 Pairs (PH 4-11) Note: reference value
PH subtle adjustment
126 levels of PH value
Filter longevity
3000L-12000L setting volume according to water qualities
(about 3 to 12 months)
ORP value
3 Plates and 2 Pairs-650mv (MAX)
5 Plates and 4 Pairs-850mv (MAX) Note: reference value
Rated voltage
AC220V 50/60HZ (110V Specially ordered)
Consuming power
Max 180W for 3 Plates and 3 Pairs;
Max 230W for 5 Plates and 4 Pairs; 2.5 W in standby
Input water pressure
Size and weight
About H310mm×W220mm×D125mm about 4.0Kg
Electrodes cleansing
The ionizer does automatic cleansing 10 seconds after the
utilization of alkaline water with multi-stages setting
according to water quality from 30 to 90L extra cleansing
(The cleansing light will light up)

The Advantage Of Alkalized Water Ionizer            

1.7 +3 gears sophisticated life choices

2. Four plates and five boards electrolyzer tank structure.

3. Adoption of latest platinum-titanium alloy technology, minimize the electrolysis of water molecules.

4. The use of Du Pont importing from U.S., the realization of ultra-high electrolysis of ions.

5. The use of national patent, V.2.0 water quality control system

6. Adoption of military titanium-platinum alloy electrophoresis process using in nuclear submarines, which is super corrosion-resistant

7. Japan NEGB-bit microchip controller.

8. Optimize the regulation of water hardness

9. Showing filter life

10.Colorful display, PH value indicator

Picture of the Alkalized Water Ionizer

8016 副本

Alkalized Water Ionizer




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