To be the first brand of ionic foot spa in China

Hydrogen Ionic Detox Foot Spa/Machines HK-818




Warranty :1 year

Package:Aluminum Box

Hydrogen Ionic Detox Foot Spa/Machines HK-818

Hydrogen ionic detox foot spa HK-818 can produce hydrogen water and hypochlorous acid water

What Specification of hydrogen ionic detox foot spa /machine HK-818?

Standard 3pc /carton
Item Size 43CM*18.5CM*30.5CM(L*W*H)
OUTER PACKING DIMENSION 54.5cm*42.5cm*30.5cm
Power 160W
Voltage 220V/110V
PPB 1200-1800
Gross Weight 6KG

The accessories and list of the hydrogen ionic detox foot spa 

ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818

 What is the Hydrogen water?

What is the mystery of this “return to life” ? Lourdes holy water really have the magic role as what as people say? Religious and scientific circles have Investigated and researched Lourdes Holy

spring repeatedly.
They discovered in Kyushu University that the healing properties of water comes from the concentration of the Active Hydrogen in water.

In fact, holy water is not magical, holy water is able to cure, because the water contains a lot of hydrogen, patients bath in hydrogen water for long-term , the disease will be alleviated or even eliminated. This is the secret of holy water.

Which effect of the hydrogen water?

1.Hydrogen molecular bio-meter using water electrolysis to generate rich hydrogen, because the molecular weight of hydrogen is very small, strong permeability, diffusion speed is extremely fast, the skin is very easy to absorb. The skin is the body’s largest organ, the ability to absorb hydrogen is very large, the absorption of hydrogen can be transported through the skin’s blood to the body to play the role of health care.

2.This hydrogen spa can increases your energy

3.Protects Against Oxidative Stress,make our body younger

3.When used for foot bath, it is effective for skin diseases such as athlete’s foot,as it can Sterilization

4.Hydrogen Water Reduces Lactic Acid Buildup and reducing muscle soreness

5.Improves Your Hydration

Is the HK-818 manufacture Hypochlorous acid water?

“Hypochlorous acid water” certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a food additive (sterilizing agent) has been widely used in medical care, nursing care, food, agriculture, fisheries, livestock production and the like. Because it uses only salt and water, it is said to have high sterilizing power and deodorizing power, while ensuring high safety for both people and the environment, it is said to act quickly on bacteria and viruses.
Put it in a spray bottle etc.
A big success with all scavenging and deodorizing scenes!

In addition to washing and disinfecting food and dishes, hand washing, pets, nursing care, toilet etc

ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818


“Negative hydrogen water” detoxification principle

Negative hydrogen water is rich in hydrogen molecules, after drinking into the human body, by the body of hydrogen decomposition enzyme into hydrogen atoms, that is, active hydrogen, and the human body reactive oxygen – oxygen free radicals to restore the reaction, the body needs the most harmless Of water.


The study shows that hydrogen is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, without any side effects; as an inert gas of hydrogen is the best natural antioxidant, due to hydrogen hydrogen molecules are very subtle, can quickly penetrate cells, and the human body Of the “healthy killer” oxygen free radicals, and finally generate water to exclude the body. Often drinking negative hydrogen water, then, can be a good promotion of metabolism, so that each cell can automatically maintain a normal state.

In Japan, South Korea, negative hydrogen prices are expensive but have been accepted and consumed by very many people. China’s first true sense of the negative hydrogen water will be less than one-tenth of the price of Japanese products so that ordinary people can live a more healthy life a good choice.


Due to the selective hydrogen oxidation of the basic hydrogen into the human body will have a lot of impact on the human body, often drinking negative hydrogen water in a variety of sub-health status was significantly less, drinking negative water and wash the face with negative water Skin color will be more shiny, wrinkles and stains significantly reduced. Some experts recommend that negative hydrogen water is the best foundation in the world make-up water.


Drinking alcohol consumption of drinking water will quickly reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood to drink more drunk less. Drinking negative hydrogen water can also significantly improve sleep quality and anti-aging.

ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818

Detail Picture of hydrogen ionic detox hydrogen ionic detox foot spa

hydrogen ionic detox foot spa
hydrogen ionic detox foot spa
hydrogen ionic detox foot spa


Hotsell models in Guangzhou Huakai Electric Technology CO.,LTD

ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818 

Company Information of Guangzhou Huakai Electric Technology Co.,LTD

Guangzhou HuaKai Electronic Technology Co., ltd, a private high-tech manufacturing enterprise,is engaging in independent developing capability and new invention patent.The company was established in

2005 and located in the BiGang industrial park of the GuangzhouHigh-tech Development Zone. The company

offers OEM, ODM or commission processing business.

HuaKai Technology is a leading provider for health care electronic products in China, such as beauty care  massage instrument, household electrical and electronic equipment. Currently, HuaKai Technology independently research and develop a serie of production named Kanz-health, including SPA ion detoxification instrument,

feet-clean detoxification instrument, ion detoxification spa .instrument, Massage foot bath, Multi-functional system

water apparatus, etc. All of those products are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia,

Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc., more  than 30 countries and regions.

ionic detox foot spa/machines HK-818


1.What are you different with other factory?

We are factory,Most of our products have unique design,We have the patent,

Such as HK-805D HK-805B HK-818

2. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

All the products has 48hours ageing testing and 100% double check before shipment.

3. Are you accept OEM?

Yes, OEM is available .

6. How long delivery time?

Most of product have stock,about 4-6days you can get goods,

Bulk order about 15-20 working days!

Don’t hesitate to contact us or send us inquiry if you like our products. (*^_^*). 

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