Our Dual Detox Foot Spa HK-805A With Music

Our Dual Detox Foot Spa HK-805A With Music

Dual detox foot spa is one of the most advanced hydropathic machine in the world ,the detox foot spa is a science advancement in complementary and alternative health care with additional MP3 player feature.Music provides a wonderful backdrop for your life so that u can find increased enjoyment from cleansing your body and also reduce stress from your day.do u want to try?

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The Aqua Cleanse Spa is a professional detoxification system which helps with total body purification. Ions are atoms or molecules that in most cases carry either a positive or negative charge. When the machine is turned on ,ions are created in the water. .

Specification of Dual Detox Foot Spa HK-805A With Music 

Voltage: 110-220V

Power: 60W

Current: 0.5-2.5A

GW: 4.4 KG

Packing size: 46cm*44cm*19cm

Qty/CTN: 4 pieces in a carton

Carton Packing size: 64cm*46cm*41cm

Mainly Functions of Dual Detox Foot Spa HK-805A With Music

1.first improve ability of cleansing body

2.then relieve the burden of the body organ

3.then promote metabolism and blood circulation

4.then increase the vigor of cells

5.last improve the sleep effectively

Features of Dual Detox Foot Spa HK-805A With Music

1. First it is very easy to use with preprogrammed setting. All you need to do is plug in and press start.

2. Moduler design with Detox module snap on to the Tub.

3.1 year warranty on all parts from our company in USA not from manufacture that is 12000 miles away

4.Superior foot tub included. Hard plastic casing with high quality finish is durable. White color makes it easier to spot the color changes in the water if using the clear plastic liners.

5.Last it is easy to clean.

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dual detox foot spa
dual detox foot spa