Is the hydrogen water bath good to our health ?

 Hydrogen water bath is good to our health ?

Hydrogen water bath is good to our health.according to the research, taking a hot bath is better than body movement. It will be better if add some beneficial substances while taking a hot bath. For this, hydrogen water is very good for skin disease treatment .So if you use hydrogen water to take a hot bath, it will be better for treating skin diseases because of the hydrogen effects on inflammation as well as increasing calories consumed. So the hydrogen bath can play the dual role of hydrogen and bathing which means it is very worth promoting.

How does the hydrogen work for our body ?

In South Korea and Japan, there have been many beauty salons . they provide consumers with the hydrogen bath service. we all know  It gets good results using the hydrogen bath.Currently in hydrogen health industry area of China, people has produced the bathtub .

Hydrogen is everywhere . As long as there is physical contact plus enough time, the hydrogen can enter the human body. In theory, Soaking feet in hot water can get good results. Hydrogen can anti-aging for you. Taking a hydrogen water bath can make your skin look younger and let you not easy suffer from diabetes. It can make you refresh from inside to outside if you persist in taking a hydrogen water bath . And of course the best way is to breathe oxygen, drink hydrogen water and take a hydrogen water bath. Make the 3 together, make you more healthy. Hydrogen is not only the health but also the way of the most advanced hydrogen foot spa HK-818,it manufacutures the hydrogen water ,so u can engory the hydrogen bath .

hydrogen water bath
hydrogen water bath

Reference material of hydrogen water bath of Loughborough university

Loughborough university study found that a hot bath can help to prevent diabetes. Not like the rise in body temperature and the body sweat because of the exercise, Taking a hot bath can improve blood sugar. The researcher Latif Falkner and his team recruited 14 male participants and they divided the 14 male participants into 2 groups:One group took 1 hour’s hot bath (the water temperature : 40℃) , the other group rode a bike for 1 hour. The goal is to make their body temperature rise 1℃. After that, the researchers measured the participants’ calorie consumption value and their blood sugar level after 24 hours.

The result showed that the bike riders consumed more calories than the hot water bath. But taking 1 hour’s hot bath consumed more calorie than half an hour’s ride:about 149 kcal. Compared to sports group, the hot bath participants average dropped 10% blood sugar. A hot bath will cause the body appear similar anti-inflammatory effect with exercise.

Reference material of hydrogen water bath in Finland

According to the research in Finland , taking a hot hydrogen bath can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. With 16 years research in University of Oregon, taking a hot bath can reduce the blood pressure. But the researchers remind that do not take a hot bath immediately without eating anything or after eating too much or strenuous exercise in case you suffer from dizziness and collapse.



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