What is the intelligent touch screen hydrogen detox foot spa?

What is the intelligent touch screen hydrogen detox foot spa?

HK-818  is the most advanced touch screen detox foot spa,which can produce the hydrogen water.ORP is


Features of  the intelligent touch screen hydrogen detox foot spa

The high-end luxury industrial-grade touch true color screen

The world’s leading edge of production technology.

The industry’s  state-of-the-art product with FDA certification.

The industry’s first intelligent application programming.

Delicate and beautiful, easy to carry.

The true color screen can show your company website and list of products if you like.

The function of  the intelligent touch screen hydrogen detox foot spa

Newly added the acupunture pen with 3 pen points which can be took turns to use . For which, it can promote blood circulation.

Your company logo can appear on the screen while starting the machine.

The hydrogen amount in water is large and the ORP can reach -1200.

The machine itself has the instruction function.

Touch Screen with the far infrared belt and the wristband and acupuncture


What is hydrogen water?

Hysrogen Water, which is used directly by the original Japanese name. It is called as ‘hydrogen water’ because ‘hydrogen water’ means ‘hydrogen’in Japanese,and it is also named as’negative hydrogen water’ in China.

As is known to all, the human body is made of cells, the disease can be attributed to the damaged cells, and human senescence is due to cellular senescence or cell death. The excell of oxygen free radicals is the main culprit of cell pathological or aging. How do oxygen free radicals produce? Oxygen enters the body by breathing , and then it is carried to all cells through red blood cells.In order to make it in the cells to produce energy, sugar and fat will be burning, and consuming. Mealwhile, the oxygen will be burning,too. 2% of it will be transformed into active oxygen.Intestinal microbial flora imbalance makes the unnormal fermentation of the intestinal tract because of food additives, potable water containing chlorine and as well as after an intense workout, ultraviolet ray, smoking,drinking, flashlight radiation,mental pressure, bacteria,viruses, atmospheric pollution,radiation,perspective,anticancer agent,dye,etc,. And active oxygen will be heavily produced. Hydrogen is a colorless,tasteless and nontoxic gas. Hydrogen has many biological benefits because of the unique characters of hydrogen. One obvious feature is the strong penetrability of hydrogen.And hydrogen can be easily entered to any part of cells such as the cell nucleus and mitochondria,which is the feature that can cure disease. The main function of hydrogen is the antioxidant. Selective and hydroxyl radicals, nitrous acid anions ,etc.Hydrogen ions combine with active oxygen, and then they are transformed into water,then the water is discharged out of body. Therefore, Hydrogen Water is widely paid attention to in the international market. In short, Hydrogen Water is the water which is transformed by hydrogen, also contains hydrogen with strong reducing power. Unlike common water, through its detox resistance, it can removes excess active oxygen( oxygen free radicals) water.